Close your eyes and imagine the full and total relaxation
that is yours with medical Thai massage therapy.

This ancient art, which was first developed during the age of Buddha 2500 years ago,
has been kept alive through the teachings of traditional massage masters at temples
throughout Thailand, most notably Wat Po in Bangkok.

At Lamai Thai Massage our staff continues this fine and blissful art
with their gentle deep manipulation of your sore muscles and attention
to pressure points along the energy lines of your ailing body.

You’ll emerge refreshed, energized and at peace!

Among the many physical benefits you may enjoy through medical  Thai massage therapy:

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Lamai Cancer Therapy

With the goal of assisting those suffering from the pain related to cancer and its treatment, Lamai Thai massage will be offering a free non-medicated alternative.
Lamai Venice will be sponsoring a day of free Thai massage therapy for low-income cancer patients later this Spring. We need your help to make this happen. Please use the button below to donate or contact us for more information.